Keeping Your Pets Warm This Winter

Without letting them loose inside!

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With the temperature starting to drop as we head into winter that can leave our pets out in the cold, vulnerable to illness and soreness.

Dr. Lynne Bodell from Lynne Bodell’s Vet Clinic says this this time of year is one of the hardest on older pets when it comes to keeping them comfortable.

“Having the extremes of very warm during the day and cold over night, the fluctuation tends to be the biggest stress on the older animals, and people for that matter”.

As the nights get cooler there are simple things that can be done, such as putting an extra blanket out in their bedding and making sure they have a warm surface to sleep on. Owners of older dogs who might be suffering from sore joints in particular need to ensure their pets aren’t sleeping on a cold surface, as this can make their condition worse.

Dr. Bodell does recommend that as the winter really sets in the best thing to do is have pets inside, whether that’s cuddled up on the couch with their owners or in a sectioned off part of the house.

“You’re allowed to have boundaries and limitations and there’s nothing wrong with crate training or even having them in the laundry” said Dr. Bodell.

If there is no other option but to leave the dog outside, ensure that they have an insulated, warm place to sleep, and it helps if their kennel or bedding allows them to see inside.

“Don’t forget in a kennel they often won’t stay in there because they can’t see you and they’ll go and lay on a cold mat at the back door where they think they can see you rather than in a nice warm kennel” said Dr. Bodell.

For cat owners, Dr. Bodell recommends that cats be kept indoors and confined at night, but you won’t need to set up bedding indoors for them because cats have a knack of finding a nice warm place to curl up all on their own.

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16 April 2020

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