Keeping Your Pets' Mouth Healthy.

Because no one likes smelly breath...

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Smelly breath can be a sign of an unhealthy mouth in both dogs and cats and Dr. Lynne Bodell from Lynne Bodell’s Vet Clinic warns that can be a serious problem if left untreated.

“Bacteria lives in all of that plaque and tartar and they’ve proven that it will get in the blood stream and you can end up with other infections and things, whether it’s kidney problems, heart problems and other things”.

The easily identifiable sign of an unhealthy mouth in a pet is bad breath and there are things that owners can do to try and maintain good oral hygiene in their animals, but it can be harder with cats.

“Do encourage them to chew a raw bone. Cats we tend to get them to chew a raw chicken neck once a week if they will, unfortunately not all cats will. There are some dental dry food that help with the cat ones if they won’t chew those” Dr. Bodell said.

If all else fails and the cat or dog won’t chew a bone the solution she recommends is for owners to physically brush their pets teeth to make sure they stay healthy.

Dr. Bodell also recommends, if possible, not washing your dog too often because it can remove the natural oils from their skin and when it comes to cats…

“Put on your gloves and good luck!”

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21 May 2020

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