Keith Urban Received a "Wonderful" Surprise When He Realised Who Wrote His New Single "We Were"

he no idea Eric Church wrote the song

Shania Twang

24 May 2019

Shania Twang

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Keith Urban’s latest song, “We Were,” which was the most added song at country radio this week, had a surprise twist for the reigning CMA and ACM Entertainer of the Year. He found out late in the process one of his buddies actually co-wrote the song.

“The great thing is I had no idea who wrote the song when I went in and recorded it,” says Keith. “We recorded it last December. I went back in and re-sang it a few times. We had to do what they call label copies – you gotta go through and make sure the lyrics are right. So, I’m doing all that. So, I got sent a lyric sheet and it was the first time I saw the three writers’ names and I saw Eric Church there, so I texted him right away to let him know I cut that song.”


To say Keith was delighted when he found out Eric, along with frequent collaborators Ryan Tyndell and Jeff Hyde, wrote the song, is an understatement. “He obviously writes a lot of songs, ‘cause when I texted him and asked him, ‘Are you a writer on ‘We Were?’’ And he said, ‘Is that the one with something about a water tower skyline or something?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, that one.’ He said, ‘Yeah.’” (laughs)

After he found out who the writers were on “We Were,” he said it made a lot of sense. The three of them together have a particular thing, you know?  I think they wrote ‘Springsteen,’ as well. They just have a good chemistry, the three of them. But Eric has such a knack for storytelling anyway and choosing images and lyrics that they seem like a thousand people must have used them before, and yet they’re completely original.”

When he’s not on the road performing at numerous fairs and festivals over the summer, he’ll be in the studio working on an upcoming album.


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