Kennedy MP Bob Katter says only way to curb youth crime is relocation.

It's as stolen cars are on the rise.

26 April 2019

Article heading image for Kennedy MP Bob Katter says only way to curb youth crime is relocation.

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter is wanting to see the youth crime crisis tackled by advocating for relocation sentencing again. 

“The relocation sentencing is simple, it’s easy and it’s cheap,” Mr Katter said of KAP’s policy.

“A person in a detention centre is currently costing well over $500,000 per detainee, per year at $1455 per day.”

He want's to see the camp built north of Mt Isa and near Lake Julies Weir with the self sufficient construction being taken place by youth, getting them to act like normal civilians until they were allowed to come home.

Traditional law, Buj-e-ka, would be applied – it means banishment and existed in Australia 200 years ago. 

“If you played up in the old days, they didn’t have prisons so you’d be sent out into the bush to live by yourself until you behaved like a civilised human being, and then and only then you’d be allowed back in the camp. So what we’re saying is to bring back ‘Buj-e-ka’. Goodbye, ta-da”.

The proposed camp ‘Bethlehem’ would be near the Lake Julius Weir and be designed as self-sufficient, construction would be undertaken and youth would have a real chance at rehabilitation.


“They can’t run away in the hottest place on earth, north of Mt Isa.” He said. 


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