Kevin Sheedy Has His Say On The New AFL Rules

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AFL Hall of Fame Legend Kevin Sheedy had his say on the new AFL rules on the Hot Breakfast this morning.


"I think [Kevin] Bartlett writes what I feel," Sheedy said.

"We’ve gotta look smarter, better, and of course the article on Monday with Mark Robinson (in the Herald Sun) was a brilliant two ways of looking at it with Rossy Lyon.

"But at the end of Ross Lyon he says 'I don’t have any idea how we can get more goals', while Kevin Bartlett is trying to create those more goals.

"There’s little rules that you can change, there’s a lot to be done, I’d rather have an overhaul than just put one or two in every now and then and have a look.”

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Sheedy gave the interchange cap reduction his approval.

"I’m glad there’s less interchanges," Sheedy said.

"That’s a tick in my book, because I really believe that when you look at some of the great athletes, it’s that last part of the performance that wins them the gold medal or the game or the 15 minute, three-rounder, you know what I mean?

"It’s those last round or two that make you actually the champion, and that’s what Bartlett’s on about a bit."

Check out the new rules for 2021 here:

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18 November 2020

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