KFC Fried-Chicken Scented Crocs Actually Exist & We Don't Know How To Feel

Because 2020 is wild.

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This year has been so damn chaotic, there is almost nothing that could surprise us anymore...


We have just caught wind of the most ridiculous fashion trend since... well, regular Crocs and honestly, we don't know why this had to happen. 

Comfort kings Crocs have just released limited-edition Kentucky Fried Chicken clogs and they actually look bloody delicious (I mean, as far as shoes go). 


The utterly ridiculous new line of shoes, were debuted at New York fashion week back in February, with South Korean artist Me Love Me A Lot modelling a platformed interpretation of the deep-fried footwear. 

As if having a pair of Crocs covered in images of the colonels finest wasn't weird enough, there is apparently both a platformed & regular version of the shoe, with a chicken-scented drumstick charm, perched proudly on the top. 


The bad news is, according to the designer, the platformed shoes are not for sale and were only distributed to celebrities like Kim Kardashian as part of a winter KFC promotion, which Kimmy happily showed-off to her instagram followers in an insta-story back in March. 

But the good news is, the flat heeled versions will be up for grabs very soon, online in the U.S.

The limited-edition Crocs will be going for $60 a pair, including the chicken-drumstick charms, which is really not much more than their usual price of $45 for non-chicken-scented Crocs. I mean... it's a steal really. 


As alluring as these delicious shoes might smell, Crocs have emphasised that the shoes are not for human consumption, purely for peacocking and to satiate that KFC craving without getting your fingers greasy. 

What we don't know, is how long exactly the chicken-scent is predicted to last and whether these bad boys will soon be available in Australia, so stay posted for more details! 

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Georgie Marr

28 July 2020

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Georgie Marr

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