Kip Moore Shares His Fave Things About Christmas

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16 December 2018

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Kip Moore and his brothers would go on fishing trips with their dad around Christmas before the elder Moore passed away a few years ago, and it was always one of his favorite traditions. Another one of his favorite traditions was watching movies with his family on Christmas Eve.

“The night before Christmas, we would rent a bunch of movies,” says Kip. “My dad would take us to the store, the video store and we would rent a bunch of movies and we’d watch them all through the night. That was always a thing that we’d look forward to was all hanging out together and laugh until 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning, then waking up two hours later for the presents.”

With five brothers and sister and their expanding families back home in Georgia, Kip is having a lot of fun with all of his nieces and nephews around Christmas. “All my brothers and sisters started having kids around the same time a few years ago, so it’s like a house full of little five-year-olds and under just going nuts. So, it’s brought a lot of joy to the house.”

The Georgia native will take some time off after the holidays and then launch the 2019 leg of his Room to Spare Acoustic Tour March 7th in Chicago.

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