Kirwan Dad 'Scratchie-ed' Himself 50K Richer Days Before Christmas

So lucky!

21 December 2017

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A young Kirwan dad is eyeing off a new car for the New Year after this week revealing one of the two top prizes of $50,000 on a $4 Instant Scratch-Its ticket.
The happy man purchased his winning ticket at The Lucky Charm Fairfield! 
Speaking to a Golden Casket official to claim his prize, the winner recounted how he came to hold the winning ticket.
“Out of the blue we went for a bit of a drive and we went all the way over to the other side of Townsville – which is something we rarely do,” he explained.
“We went into Fairfield Shopping Centre and bought some Instant Scratch-Its while picking up our usual Lotto ticket.
“My misses and I always scratch Instant Scratch-Its together so we went home and I ended up with the lucky one!
“Woohoo! I’m still partying and can’t believe it’s happened.
“I’m over the moon!  This is going to be one of the best Christmases we’ve ever had.”
The family man believes his good fortune was aided by doing a good deed while at the shops.
“When we were in the carpark, there was a bloke and his car in front of our car with the bonnet up – his battery was dead.  I gave him a jump start and he shook my hand saying ‘mate, we need more people to be like you’.
“That hand shake he gave me – that gave me all the luck in the world!
Apart from celebrating his Instant Scratch-Its win with his family over the Christmas period, the man also has a special purchase in mind.
“I’ve never had a brand new car.  We’ve just been flogging around an old banger.  To jump in and smell that brand new car smell is the greatest feeling, so it’s going to be a new car for the New Year!”
The Lucky Charm Fairfield staff member Jenny Burke said it was exciting to see another one of the outlet’s customers win big.
In August this year, The Lucky Charm Fairfield sold a 1st Prize winning entry in Set for Life.
“The winner came in and he was so excited. It was just unbelievable.  He was just such a nice guy – you couldn’t ask for it to go to someone better.
“It’s just lovely to see our customers winning – especially just in time for Christmas.”

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