Knock, knock - Trick or Treat!!?

Here’s where to go…if you dare

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For those of you heading out to trick or treat tonight you should have no problem finding doors to knock on in Toowoomba.

Halloween is here – let the spooking begin!  For more details on this creepy event head here:   Halloween Toowoomba.


When out and about on this kooky night Trick or Treaters take heed:

  • Be accompanied by a mother witch or father ghoul at all times (or another responsible vampire);
  • To prevent becoming a hoblin goblin, aka a ghost with a broken leg, you should walk, not run, between houses and stick to the footpath rather than the road;
  • Black cats don't want to be seen, and for good reason, but if you wear black, it will reduce your visibility to passing motorists;
  • To avoid raising the dead or causing witches to fly off their handle, keep excessive noise down while celebrating;
  • Never enter a strangers house, or a witches broom closet for that matter, even if they have invited you in after knocking on their door; and
  • Consider joining your friends or broom-mates on your neighbourhood adventure - there is safety in numbers.

Have a positively spooktacular night!



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31 October 2018

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