Koala Protest at Forestry Building in Coffs CBD

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13 February 2019

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A small group of protesters have converged on the NSW Forestry building in Coffs Harbour as part of a rally to save koalas.

The group called the Kalang River Forest Alliance were leading the charge with people wearing koala heads, and holding signs calling to “stop logging now!”

The protest falls on the same day as one held in Canberra.

Witnesses told Triple M that some protesters were on the roof of the building at one point, with a sign for the National Centre for Koala Conservation draped from the first floor of the building in Park Avenue.

Another bystander said he saw two near misses from traffic due to the event.

According to the Forest Embassy website, the ‘Coffs Harbour National Forest Uprising’ protest is to highlight the threats of clear felling, oldgrowth and rainforest logging and promote the alternative of the Great Koala National Park.

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