The Tasmanian Government Are Implementing Changes To The Rules For Learner And Provisional Drivers

Young people are dying on our roads

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Changes are being made to improve Tasmania’s Graduated Licensing System as the Tasmanian Government commits to saving more young lives.

The new system being implemented on 1 December 2020 will help reduce risk and provide young drivers with more on-road experience and skills to keep them and their passengers safe on the road.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Michael Ferguson, spoke to Brian about what the new changes will mean for learner and provisional drivers.

“It is not the learner stage that is the problem, the evidence suggests that it is the provisional stage and that of course is when a person is independently driving for the first time,” he said.

Mr Ferguson says that young people between 17 and 25 account for about 12 percent of the population and just under 30% of serious crashes in Tasmania each year.

“It is a real concern that young people are still not getting it quite right.”

The changes that will be implemented include;

  • Learner drivers will need to log 80 logbook hours, including 15 of those hours at night.
  • Learners will need to complete an online Hazard Perception Test.
  • New speed limits of 90km/h for learners and 100km/p for P1 license holders.
  • A single licence card for each of the learner and provisional licence periods.
  • There will be a total ban on mobile phones, including hands free for learners and P1 drivers.
  • During the P1 stage only one 16-21 year old passenger will be allowed in the vehicle, this excludes family members and other essential purposes such as work, education or medical appointments.
  • Commit no driving offences during provisional stages and get rewarded with a free 3-year license.

Mr Ferguson says that the Government and Federal Government will also be providing two free lessons for young drivers to get experience with professional driving instructors.

“We just want to work with our younger drivers, not judging them, but helping them along the path to being responsible.”

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Chelsea Wilde

5 November 2020

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Chelsea Wilde

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