Leeton Council Offers Green Light For A Country Universities Centre

For rural students to study near home!

24 May 2018

Article heading image for Leeton Council Offers Green Light For A Country Universities Centre

Leeton Shire Council has endorsed its in principle support for the establishment of a Country Universities Centre (CUC) in Leeton.

Mid last year, the NSW Government backed the expansion of a CUC initiative with an $8 million investment, which will allow more regional and rural university students to study close to home.

Council’s General Manager Jackie Kruger approached the CUC Chief Executive Officer Duncan Taylor to consider Leeton as a potential location for the establishment.

Country Universities Centre in Snowy Manaro, NSW.

Mr Taylor has proposed that Griffith and Leeton work as a single centre based across two sites.

Leeton Shire Mayor Paul Maytom said that one of the biggest challenges faced by regional and remote students is the absence of a ‘campus’ environment and its associated support and benefits for tertiary students.

“The CUC is a community driven, not for profit enterprise, established with the aim of making tertiary education more accessible for regional and remote communities in New South Wales.”

- Leeton Shire Mayor Paul Maytom

“Each CUC is based on a model which delivers supported learning to these students, providing them with access to campus-level technology and facilities with extended opening hours, tutors and a network of fellow students to create a ‘campus like’environment within their own local community.”

- Mayor Paul Maytom continues.

Leeton Shire Library known as the ‘Red Room’ has been identified as a potential vacant space. 

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