Laughter and Tears Galore

Cliff Reeve

29 January 2018

Cliff Reeve

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What a fantastic weekend of sport across the country!

In Narrogin the Upper Great Southern Hockey Assoc hosted the Kookaburras, Roger Federer won his 20th Grand Slam title (I think the crowd is still crying with him) and the new Perth Stadium finally opened with a blast.

Aust lost the match and the series, didn't Steve Smith look cheesed off, but for me the high point of the sporting weekend was a WA country fella by the name of Ben Jenkins.

Ben will go down in history for a number of firsts.

Star on the first day of the new stadium, whether we like it or not, first streaker and the first time Channel 9 has actually shown a streaker instead of cutting away to show the seagulls.

It is without a doubt the least PC thing I've seen in ages and in a world beset with PC rubbish day after day it was a breath of fresh air.

Interestingly enough I have seen or know of ONE negative comment, I'm told even the stuffed shirts in the Members were laughing themeselves silly over it.

Of course Ben has been wacked with a monster penalty and I hear his mates were kicked out afterwards too, as you can't have people invading the field, and in fact the next time it happens will not be as funny or poignant. Moment's gone now.

Ben however will be dining out on his legendary act for years to come.

I say well done for breaking the PC mould.


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