Lime Scooters Have Been Given Just Two Weeks To Prove They Are Safe

Their days could be numbered

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Lime's days in Brisbane could be numbered - the council has given the company two weeks to prove their safety, of face being kicked out of Brisbane.

In a statement, Brisbane City Council Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner confirmed they won't be extending the company's trial permit beyond the next two weeks, unless they get assurance a 'technical glitch' causing the scooters to lock up has been fixed.

Lime's Director of Government Strategy Mitchell Price said he's disappointed with Council's threats, claiming he's already addressed the issues with them.

"We've been working with you [council], we're providing you with all the full reports and assurances, we have rolled out two firmware updates on the scooters and if you're going to rip up our permit, you're going to rip up 300 jobs," he said. 

"That's going to be something that will hurt the Brisbane economy."

Schrinner said the state government also needs to deliver on their end of the bargain as the regulator, urgently calling on them to enforce safety measures around helmets and speeding.

"Unless Council is satisfied both Lime and the State have delivered on their respective responsibilities to deliver a safe eScooter service, Council will not be extending the permit beyond the current two weeks." 

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27 February 2019

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