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Coffs Harbour City Councillors will vote on Thursday night as to whether they progress the detailed design and construction of the Cultural & Civic Space.

Part of the recommendation from Council staff is to approve "full project funding at $76,520,000".

This morning Triple M's Moffee spoke with Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce President, Martin Well, about his support of the project.

The full recommendation is below:

That Council Authorise progression of the Cultural & Civic Space Project to detailed design and construction including:

  1. Approval of full project funding at $76,520,000 with expenditure expected between 2018/19 and 2022/23;
  2. Noting that a development application will be lodged which is categorised as State Significant Development under section 4.36 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979;
  3. Authorising the disposal of the following properties through an expression of interest process and for a sale price of no less than the independent valuation less 10%:

3.1.       Administration Building, 2 Castle St, Coffs Harbour (Lot 2 Sec DP 566885, Lot 1 Sec DP 566855, Lot 8 Sec 6 DP 758258),

3.2.       Rigby House, 27-29 Duke Street Coffs Harbour (Lot 110 Sec DP 777398),

3.3.       169-171 Rose Ave, Coffs Harbour (Lot 100 Sec DP 861850)

3.4.       Museum, 215A Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour (Lot 101 Sec DP 1041655);

  1. Authorising the preparation and execution of Contracts for Sale and any other necessary documents under the Common Seal of Council;
  2. Endorsing the revised method of procurement for the builder as “Design & Construction with 2 Stage Early Contractor Engagement”; and
  3. Noting that a report will be provided to Council as soon as possible outlining the procurement steps to engage the design team going forward.

9 July 2019

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