LISTEN | Exclusive: Tom Browne Reports The AFL's Flight Partner Could Change

"It's a pretty big story."

Triple M Newsroom

9 May 2018

Triple M Newsroom

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Triple M's Hot Breakfast footy reporter Tom Browne says Qantas could pinch the rights to fly AFL players at the end of the year, offering the sweetener of "effectively private jet travel".


Virgin is currently the league's official airline, but that deal expires at the end of 2018.

Browne said Qantas has made a proposal to partner with the AFL, offering huge incentives for AFL players and the way they travel.

"Virgin doing a very good job of transporting the players, but that deal is up at the end of this year," he told the show.

"Qantas, I understand, is very interested in winning back that business.

"The players might have access to three dedicated bigger planes...even the potential of players going in and out of a private hangar as opposed to having to go through the airport and confront blokes like me every day.

"It's a pretty big story."

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