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The lucky footy fan who had his wallet found and returned to him by GWS forward Jeremy Cameron spoke to Triple M Breakfast in the Riverina.

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The ‘born and bred’ Geelong supporter lost his wallet walking home after the game on Friday night and was surprised to get his wallet back let alone a note and 50 bucks for an AFL player.

“When I got it back I opened it up to check all my cards and that and my friend was like “‘why is there $50 not in there, you don’t carry cash?’” he said.

“And then I was like wait a minute there’s actually a note in here too - I had to re-read it several times because I was blown away.”

Adam has donated the money to charity and is going to get some fishing lures for Jeremy to say thanks. And while it wasn’t enough to get him to cross over to GWS for good, he will ‘absolutely’ be supporting them in this weekend's Grand Final.

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23 September 2019

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