LISTEN: Weezer Have Covered Africa By Toto

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Cassie Walker

30 May 2018

Cassie Walker

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After being trolled by fans to take on Toto classic, it’s finally here.

A twitter account was set up in December 2017 to get the band to cover the 1982 cult classic, with 2,385 that was enough to get the band to finally take on the song.

Last week in concert fans heckled the band for a cover, of which the band responded by playing the band's other chart topper Rosanna, but now Africa by Weezer is here!



The song has even got the approval of Toto’s Steve Lukather saying “very flattered and thanks”.

See tweet:


 When Weezer were in the country this year with Foo Fighters, singer Rivers Cumo covered KISS with the Fooies.

Listen to Cumo talk about his love for KISS:

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