Listener SOLVES Tanya & Steve's $5,000 Secret Sound!!!

It happened AGAIN!

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A listener has done it again! Holly from Windale scored $5k this morning for winning Tanya & Steve's $5,000 Secret Sound!

These were the clues she had to go off:

Clue 1

Up (as in get up and have a coffee)

Clue 2

Serve (as in serve up a coffee)

Clue 3

Fresh (as in the coffee is fresh when first opened)

Clue 4

Pop (As in the sound the tin makes when opening)

Clue 5

White (as in white coffee)

Clue 6

Morning (as in when you usually drink coffee)

Clue 7

Africa (as in where Coffee originated from)

Clue 8

Black (as in black coffee)

Clue 9

Open (opening the tin)

So, what was the answer? Opening a coffee tin with a teaspoon!!!


Listen to Holly WIN Tanya & Steve's $5,000 Secret Sound this morning:  

Amber Lowther

31 October 2018

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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