Live Stream The Philip Island Penguin Tuesday 27th July!

Bringing The Penguins To You

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Bored in lockdown and in need of good news? Well get excited because the live stream of the Philip Island Penguin parade returns Tuesday 27th July.

Phillip Island Nature Parks is bringing back the lockdown hit of 2020, following many requests from people in lockdown in Victoria and around Australia. 

Virtual Penguin Parade:

Ranger Jordan Roberts said,

“While a lot of us can’t travel at the moment, we wanted to provide some Penguiny fun and joy for people in their own homes doing the right thing”.

Last year the Live Penguin TV was narrated by BBC Sports Commentator Andrew Cotter and streamed worldwide.

Cotter provided some light humour on the event and attracted the eyes of around 25 million people.

“They gather on the beach, the tension mounting, and away they go! There’s the defending champion, wearing his familiar navy blue and white. Great waddling style”, he said.

Viewers from 100 different countries watched the event and couldn’t help but smile at the penguins waddling their way to the water.

You can learn all about Penguins leaving their burrows and swimming up to around 100 kilometres each day, before returning at dusk.

Check out the Penguin Schedule and watch the event live at 6pm here.

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25 July 2021

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