Livestock Theft in WESTERN AUSTRALIA

have you been effected?

Sean Lindsay

26 February 2019

Sean Lindsay

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The State Government is investigating alarming claims that livestock theft is on the rise in country WA. While the reports have not been substantiated by police and the State Government, anecdotally some farmers believe their herd numbers are lower leading them to believe that the high price for cattle and sheep has instigated the crimes.

The State Government have said they would investigate the issue, although they stopped short of declaring a resurrection of the “Stock Squad”, a special police taskforce group armed with the objective of preventing live animal produce theft, which disbanded ten years ago.

What is more likely is the implementation of new technology.

Alannah MacTiernan, the State Agriculture and Food Minister, spoke about the prevention of livestock theft late last week.

“We’ve got to start looking at things like electronic ear tagging…technology that is obviously available to us today that wasn’t widely available ten years ago. It’s not always going back to the solutions of the past it’s often looking at new more modern day solutions.”

If you do think that you have been effected by cattle or sheep theft please contact local Esperance police on 9079 8999.

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