Liza Harvey: The State Govt's Doing A Good Job, But...

Liza speaks with CMK

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The State Opposition Leader, Liza Harvey, joined Clairsy, Matt and Kymba to give her view on what's been going down here in the west since old mate Covid-19 came to town.

It was a forthright, open, honest chat about how her side of politics see the world at the moment.

On how the State Government have handled the crisis, Liza said:

"The State Government have done a good job, but, there's a lot of West Aussies doing things really tough, particularly small to medium business owners.

"We've been calling for some grants for small to medium businesses, of $10,000, just to help those businesses transition to a completely new way of doing business in a completely different economy."

Liza mentioned the hardships that various businesses have endured. Dry Cleaners, for example, who "have had to restrict their operating hours to 3 hours a day."

Liza also tackled the issue of crime in our city and the burgeoning interest in this year's Mayoral race.

Finally, Liza discussed our hard borders and, despite their effectiveness in quelling the spread of the virus, called for a more compassionate attitude to West Aussies who want/need to come home.


We thank Liza for her time today.


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9 September 2020

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