Local Business Keeping Central Coast Live Music Alive and Online

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With the current restrictions in place for public gatherings, and social distancing in effect. Most of, if not all live music on the Central Coast has come to a stand still with venues unable to open, and punters self isolating.

Local business JC Entertainment, are on the frontline when it comes to who is effected by the restrictions. With all of their work for the next 3-6 months put on hold, or cancelled all together. Leaving casual staff out of work, and no real idea for when this will all pass.

With all the equipment needed, and plenty of initiative. James & Emma (JC Entertainment Owners) jumped straight into Live Streaming. Setting up a state of the art studio stage (social distancing considered) to allow musicians & bands to come and play shows LIVE on the internet.

Donation pages are also available for viewers to donate to the artists performing, which is fantastic for artists who have also had their shows cancelled.


Also on the show, Paddy & Rob get some tips on waking up early from someone who works an 18 hour day!

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Kalun Townsend

27 March 2020

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Kalun Townsend

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