Local Cricketer Pulls Out The Most Ridiculous Solo Effort Ever

What an innings!

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Charles Bannerman, move over.

Bannerman earned fame for scoring the first ever Test century - a ridiculous 165 out of Australia's 245 all out against England in 1877, or 67% of his team's runs.

This effort by Camberwell batsman Simon Hill yesterday might have him covered.

Hill, coming in at 1/1 for Camberwell yesterday in their Victorian Premier Cricket match against Footscray Edgewater, pulled out an even more ridiculous innings.

The 32-year-old scored 137 not out - his first century of the season.

His team? 172.

Yep - he scored 137 out of 172. 80% of his team's runs.

Seven ducks fell in an innings where Camberwell was in strife at 8/59, before Hill put on a 91-run partnership with Will Walker, who made a fine eight.

Outside a glorious contribution from extras (17), Walker's eight was the second highest score.

Hill's 137 came off 124 balls, and contained 16 fours and three sixes.


“Records show nobody has ever seen anything like what Hilly did on Saturday, it was pretty impressive and got us out of a bind," Camberwell captain-coach Brendan Drew told News Corp.

“One critic he’s maybe had over his career is how many tough runs does he get and as I said after the game that’s the best innings I’ve ever seen in terms of toughness and doing what you can for the team.”

Footscray Edgewater was 8/112 in reply, which may give Hill the honour of outscoring his entire opposition when they return next Saturday.

What looks more likely: he might have single handedly given them the win.

12 February 2017

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