Local Emu Park Women To Hike Mount Everest

Trekking this October!

Amber Lowther

8 August 2018

Amber Lowther

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Emu Park women, Cresta Clarke, Kate Price and Rebecca Weston will be heading off for an adventure of a lifetime to hike Mount Everest in October.

Beauty therapist Rebecca Weston got talking to client, Cresta, and realised they both enjoyed hiking and trekking. From there, the idea to hike up Earth's highest mountain above sea level - Everest. 

They, with their friend Simone Stokes from Rockhampton, will hike to Mt Everest Base camp and have been training to prepare themselves by walking around the local area, climbing mountains and walking up steep hills. 

Getting to Mt Everest Base Camp will take nine days and it will take two days to reach the village so they can acclimatise and rest. 


We wish them the best of luck!


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