Local lovers of art in for a treat!

Local lovers of art in for a treat!

5 January 2017

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What does the name Leonardo da Vinci mean to you!?

Admit it, the name alone made you giddy with excitement. Count your lucky stars Townsville-ians — Pinnacles Gallery invites everyone with curiosity to visit an award-winning interactive exhibition that takes you for a ride into the mind of artist, scientist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

Townsville City Council are running a Da Vinci quest to give a family of four the chance to visit the home of da Vinci — Florence, Italy! Visit our competition page for all the details. The exhibition features 60 interactive machines created from original da Vinci drawings and some of the big ticket items include the bicycle, scuba suit, spring powered car and flying machines.

If you artists and lovers of art prefer something a little more local Perc Tucker Regional Gallery is celebrating Townsville’s 150th year with an exhibition called Picturing Townsville. The exhibit displays hidden treasures created across 150 years of our city, the issues it faced and events that have helped to create and shape our community. This local display is available for viewing until Sunday 22 January. Check it out for some awesome history!


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