Local RVM Registers One Million Containers For Return And Earn Scheme

A huge milestone!

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Mayor Cr Neville Kschenka with Harry Kschenka

Our local community has just achieved a major milestone as over 1 million containers have been registered at our local Reverse Vending machine (RVM) as part of the Return and Earn scheme.

Narrandera Shire Council stated that the RVM has proved to be a huge success "both in the reduction of can and bottle litter around the area and as a source of funds for those people obtaining vouchers from the machine and redeeming them at Coles Narrandera". 

Mayor Neville Kschenka stated:

“Narrandera has more than played its part in the Return and Earn Scheme which is delivering tangible environmental, social and economic benefits for the Shire and for NSW as a whole. I congratulate the residents of Narrandera Shire who have solidly supported the service offered at the RVM and urge them to continue to use the unit as a part of their daily lives."

Since its installation early this year, the RVM has registered 1,107,206 containers, or around 35,000 per week. 

The RVM is located at the entrance to the Narrandera Waste Depot.

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Ebony Reeves

6 October 2020

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Ebony Reeves

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