Locals Fed Up With State Of Mount Low's Bonnett Road

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28 August 2018

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A petition has been started to give Bonnett Road the attention it deserves. 

Before the creation of housing estate Sanctum, Bonnett Road was relatively quiet, but now connects over 1000 families with Mount Low Parkway. 

Locals in the area say that due to this heavy traffic usage, changes need to be made. 

One major highlight is that there is no footpath, forcing children to ride their bikes on the road, which is often frequented by trucks. 

"Currently there is no safe method on Bonnett Road Mount Low to access the only bus stop and nearby pathways servicing the Mount Low/Sanctum area.There have been incidents and near misses particularly of children being injured whilst attempting to get to the bus stop and the four nearby school campuses," says Bonnett Road father, Nathan Earsman. 

Hundreds have already given their support to the petition, and you can sign it too, just follow this link

"We would like the council to provide a safe community pathway link for the residents of this area to utilise without fear of someone being severely injured or killed."

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