Locals Not Impressed With Dumped Mattresses

It's a mystery!

18 February 2018

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Toomulla Beach Community Association have taken to Facebook to express their anger with litter in the area. 

On the weekend a pile of mattresses were dumped along Toomulla Beach Road, leaving locals unimpressed and baffled at how they came to be there. 

The TBCA posted photos of the 7 mattresses and aired their thoughts on their Facebook page. 

For some reason someone has decided to dump seven ..... yes that is 7 mattresses along Toomulla Beach Road ?? Why ?? They look to be in fine condition...... why could you not give them away to someone in need ?? Surely someone must of seen a ute or trailer with these ???? Why did you have to dump them in Toomulla and make our community look untidy ??? Obvisiouly because the TCC dump was closed ! Why didn't you just dump them outside the dump fence ??Even Life Line or Vinnies would of picked them up for free !!! Surely someone must of seen a car or trailer travelling with these mattresses on.

If you can help with the mystery, message the page now. 

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