Lockdown Support Package Expanded To Businesses As Cairn’s CBD Encourage Shoppers To Return

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As hesitancy to shop in the CBD continues to take its toll on Cairn’s businesses and traders, a new $6 million co-funded Covid-19 support package from State and Federal governments is a welcome break from the strain of a three-day lockdown.

The eligibility guidelines will also be expanded to enable businesses to claim the impact of the Southeast Queensland and Cairns lockdowns.

Sole traders who've lost more than 30 per cent in productivity and profit are eligible for a $1000 one-off grant, while $5,000 to $25,000 is available for other businesses depending on their number of employees.

Tourism Tropical North Queensland's CEO Mark Olsen says while the cash is a step in the right direction, operators in the north are stilling suffering due to the ongoing pandemic.

"It’s very difficult for a region like this one that relies so heavily on interstate and international travel, to see light at the end of the tunnel when some of our key domestic markets aren’t able to travel"

- Mark Olsen

Meantime, Tourism Port Douglas Daintree wants to draw visitors back to the region post-lockdowns with a re-fresh to experiences, as well as introducing more sustainable tourism initiatives into the future.

CEO Tara Bennett said they're keen to look ahead.

"Strategies are very much beyond Covid and how we strengthen the industry going forward, because right now we haven't been locked down, but all visitors are essentially locked out of our region. So, we really have nowhere to move at present, however the planning is really looking at a long-term vision"

- Tara Bennett


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16 August 2021

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