Help a local woman find her long lost dad.

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19 October 2017

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Korrine Saville's dad Kimlyn Virgil Boston

Cairns woman Korrine Saville has been searching for years to find her long lost father Kimlyn Virgil Boston.

She's finally had a breakthrough after putting the call out on Facebook; a Tablelands woman has given her some photos of him this week when he lived in the Dimbulah area and worked on a Tobacco farm.

Korrine doesn't have a lot of information on her father which she says is making it hard for her to search for him.

"Salvation Army is helping me but they're struggling because they don't have enough names and things like that to go by," she said.

Her dad and mum lost contact before she was born, so she's never even met him.

Kimlyn with his mother in Dimbulah in the 90s 

Through her research; however, she knows he has an older daughter so this opens up more family for her too.

Korrine says it's more important than ever to track him down because she's started a family of her own.

"It's been very emotional, frustrating and stressful and really heart breaking actually not being able to find him," she said.

But despite the lack of information and struggle it's been, Korrine says she's confident she will find him.

"I feel in my heart that I will even if I find his daughter in Brisbane first or his brother or some surrounding family I feel like I will find him," she said.

Korrine's asking the Far North Community if they know anything to email her:


What we know so far about Kimlyn Virgil Boston:

Age - 60-61 he was born in 1956

Description - auburn curly hair, tan complexion, mainly dressed in jeans & black shirts.

He worked on a Tobacco farm in Dimbulah in the early 90s

Lived in the Dimbulah caravan park and at 15 Baker Street in Dimbulah, he possibly moved to Herberton after this and then maybe Brisbane.



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