Loose Unit Kiwi Admits To Painting His Own No Parking Lines For 20 Years

Crime of the Century

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Some people just want to watch the world burn; others just want to make their street a little bit safer for those living on it.

Take one New Zealand bloke for example, who has openly admitted to painting his own yellow 'no parking' lines on his street for the LAST 20 YEARS.

Wellington resident Rusty Taylor revealed his criminal activity to NZ press, which included painting the yellow lines on one side of the street to stop people from parking there in an attempt to widen the road for drivers.

And he isn't ashamed of his actions either, stating that through his own personal safety crusade, his actions made it easier for fire trucks to enter his street.

Now you'd think the local council would audit all their 'no parking' areas sometime within the past 20 years and realised old mate Rusty's street is supposed to be open to parking, but it seems the Wellington City Council, who have been aware of "fake traffic devices" for sometime, couldn't give a shit about Rusty's criminal activity.

"Suffice to say that, yes, we’re aware of problems and complaints about parking in Holloway Road," a council statement read.

"And that the Fire Service had trouble getting to a house fire there in the past year because of parked vehicles and given the glorious and healthy history of civic activism in Holloway Rd, we would rather not pick an unnecessary fight with the locals."

Chalk that up as a win to Rusty.

The council has now confirmed that they are looking into a permanent solution to parking on the street.

Ryan Warren

16 December 2019

Article by:

Ryan Warren

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