Luc Longley Lays Blame Over "Basket-BRAWL"

The Former NBA champ didn't miss!

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Boomers Assistant coach Luc Longley has gone "out of the company line" blasting Philippine coach Chot Reyes, laying full blame for the wild brawl in Manilla squarely at his feet.

Longley, says he believes the Philippine team was incited to "thug" the Aussie team by Reyes before the game saying "there is video evidence of that".


The 3 time NBA champ accused the Reyes of having a total lack of "control or respect" saying he wouldn't look Longley in the eye when they shook hands after the game.

Longley, who rescued Chris Goulding from up to 12 attackers also explained why he entered the fray when he wasn't supposed to.

"There are situations when sometimes you decide there's a more important thing going on...yeah really disturbing... I went onto the court to protect our players".

Whilst he wouldn't comment on what the sanctions against the Philippine team should be, he said he couldn't let this go unsaid.

"I've never seen anything like that, not even on You Tube".

27 November 2018

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