LUCKY BAY BREWING receive timely grant to SECURE its future

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Sean Lindsay

25 February 2019

Sean Lindsay

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Last year Lucky Bay Brewing was on the verge of extinction. Compliance issues and regulations meant that a simple toilet block application had undermined the Brewery, one of Esperance’s favourite and treasured institutions, forcing authorities to request the facility relocate from its current home. The capital needed to fund such a project is sizeable, and proved problematic for its owners including Nigel Metz, who was worried.

Joint owner Nigel Metz was worried.

“Until now (Friday, March 22) we didn’t have full finance in place. We had a plan, we knew what it would cost. However we hadn’t actually been to the bank and secured that full finance and that’s because we only in the last three weeks have we had subdivision approval for the new site. Then to have this come in on top of that… it’s finally all come together.”

“If you’d spoken to me two or three months ago, I was like, I am just not sure,’

Fortunately for the beer house a State Government grant has helped the local business and secured their future.

The Regional Economic Development program is offering $23.9 million to rural country businesses to help support Aboriginal training and prop out prospective tourism opportunities across four years and Lucky Bay Brewing is the first local enterprise to be awarded funding.

Nigel Metz and co-owner Robyn Cail will receive just under $200,000 as part of the program, which will be used to secure more finance and ensure the relocation is done thoroughly and properly.

Ms Cail was delighted at the news.

"The thing that drives our passion and our energy to keep this going is that we are very genuine about wanting to help to keep the Esperance community vibrant. It’s about local. It’s about a really genuine link to our farmers, to our community, to local product, local music, local everything to show Esperance as a region that you want to live in, visit, be part of and are proud of.”

Cheers to that!

Sean spoke to Nigel and Robyn, and was around for the State Government announcement with Alannah MacTiernan, and you can hear that at the audio below!

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