Luke Hartsuyker Slams Supporters of Date Change for Australia Day

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16 January 2018

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The Federal Member for Cowper, Luke Hartsuyker, has slammed proponents in support of changing the date of Australia Day, dubbing them as 'crackpots'.

Mr Hartsuyker said that 26 January has been and should continue to be the day for us to all come together and celebrate what makes us Australian rather than "listen to a bunch of crackpots that want to divide us".

"Australia Day is our national day and unites Australians—where we reflect on our achievements, what we are proud of and what defines us as a nation", Mr Hartsuyker said.

According to federal member, Australia Day should continue to be celebrated on 26 January.

"The Australian Greens and Mr Di Natale should rethink trying to politicise Australia Day with thought bubbles like changing the date, and flying our flags at half mast, and focus on what unites our diverse society".

Mr Hartsuyker believes that a minority of people are trying to turn Australia Day into a day that divides us, instead of joining the majority of Australians in reflecting on our diverse society and landscape.

"I am proud to be an Australian, and I look forward to celebrating what makes Australia great with my community on the 26 January", he said.

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