Luke Patten Gets Honest About What It's Like Inside The Bunker

The Rush Hour With MG

21 March 2018

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It's not often we get to hear what the inside of the NRL's infamous Bunker is like but now Luke "General" Patten has revealed what being a senior review official is really like.

Speaking to The Rush Hour with MG, Patten - who himself played 283 NRL games - spoke frankly about the challenges that being in the Bunker presents.

"Have you ever been in the Bunker and pushed the button and three seconds later gone, 'Shit, I think I've stuffed up'?" MG asked on Tuesday night's show.

"100 per cent, I'm human," Patten admitted. "I'll be even more honest. The last two years I've had in the Bunker, the last couple of years has been more challenging, stressful, than my whole footy career.

"Footy is what we know, you just react. You make split second decisions, you either make a mistake or you get on with it but at least later on you can make up for a mistake and try and do something good.

"Whereas if you're a referee - or in my case, if you're in the Bunker - and you make a mistake, well you can make another four or five decisions after it that are good but who cares?"

Listen to Patten's full chat with The Rush Hour with MG below:

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