Maddie & Tae Are BFF's In Real Life

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Maddie & Tae are not only duo partners, but the two are also best friends. They first met nine years ago through a showcase organized by their mutual vocal coach.

“There was just something so special between the two of us and the experiences we were writing about and how different and unique. We just started finding our own sound and our own voice.,” says Maddie Marlow. “Just getting to create with your best friend, and also just having someone to lean on and it’s not all on you. You have someone to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with. We both love collaborating, so this is just a perfect…’

Taylor Dye (aka Tae) adds, “We found a really good balance. When we met…we were so young when we met. And we were just best friends. So, it was a learning process for us to be business partners, but best friends. And we found a great balance.””

The ladies and besties are currently making their way up the country charts with “Die From a Broken Heart,” and they’re also out on Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty Tour, which stops in Edmonton on Tuesday (May 28th).


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Shania Twang

29 May 2019

Article by:

Shania Twang

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