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Mildura - Out Of Lockdown

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Whether you're in or out of lockdown, you can’t stop nature calling. 

Picture this, you’re on a job site and you’ve just downed a 750ml bottle of iced coffee on your morning smoko. 

Now what?

You’re going to head towards your pristine MAE Toilets portable cubicle, that’s what!

We all do it. 

We all need it.

We can’t deny it.

We’re not going to hide behind the bushes on this one.


MAE Toilets provide clean, portable toilets to your local Mildura and Sunraysia area work sites, festivals, weddings, private venues and more! If you’ve been out and about while we could during Summer, chances are, you’ve seen (and probably sat in) an MAE Toilet. 

Obviously, outside events at the moment are a little lacking, but if you’re looking at hosting an event in the future, you can’t go past your local loo legends.

With over 15 years in the bog business, MAE Toilets caters for events big and small, and can even get rid of the smelly stuff for you if required - no one will know you were even there!

So, if your worksite needs a bit of the Kenny treatment, give Rob and the team at MAE Toilets a CALL today. Don’t sit on it, your team will thank you.

In Association With MAE Toilets - Mildura

3 June 2021

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In Association With MAE Toilets - Mildura

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