Maggie Island Locals Cleaning Up After Bean Bag Mystery

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Two of our favourite bays on Maggie have been affected by an environmental tragedy.

Countless amounts of beanbag polystyrene balls have been found washed up, on Nelly and Geoffrey Bay.

Local residents, school students and wildlife experts have helping with the clean-up.

Using dustpans and brushes, and hand-held vacuum cleaners to tackle the mess.

Unfortunately, some of the balls have been buried deep in the sand.

Volunteers are needing to go through the beaches on their hands and knees in hopes to remove as many of the balls as possible.

Lauren Gregory is a Maggie local that has been helping with the clean-up and says the saddest part about it all is the risk to whales who are migrating through our North Queensland waters at the moment. 



Cat Pegoraro

25 July 2019

Article by:

Cat Pegoraro

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