'Major Incident Alert' Declared at Royal Adelaide Hospital

More issues in our hospitals

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High levels of demand on emergency departments have triggered another 'major incident alert' at another Adelaide hospital, this time it's the Royal Adelaide.

On Monday there was an unusually high 225 inpatients inundating services that cater for around 180 people.

Major Incident Alert Declared at Royal Adelaide Hospital

It's forced the postponement of non-urgent elective surgery - just weeks after similar action was taken at Flinders to ease overcrowding.

Shadow Health Minister Chris Picton says it's not good enough.

“Doctors and nurses simply don’t have the resources they need to care for patients when they desperately need it, and what we saw yesterday shows the concern that doctors had for the care of their patients.”

SA Health says it's 'mobilised' a command centre to help get emergency patients the beds they need.

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8 June 2021

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