Major Social Outage Brings Down Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Small bug or major hack?

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A major social media outage has impacted Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp worldwide.

The social media giant confirmed the outage around 2.45 am AEDT on Tuesday morning and said they were looking into the issue.


Facebook employees have also lost access to internal tools which has led to further difficulties when trying to find the source of the issue.

Major social media outage brings down Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

Tech Expert Trevor Long has theorised it could be an internal issue, however, it’s more likely to be something more concerning.

“Either a human error, so let’s say an engineer was typing a bit of code and it caused an outage, now if it was that, I think it would be fixed by now. This has been about four hours since it’s been down so my gut feeling it’s something more sinister perhaps some form of attack.”

He said that the social media company had garnered a few enemies during their time, and anyone could be behind the potential hack.

“There’s Senate committee hearing in the US about their influence, the misinformation, a lot of different things going on, and so there are a lot of different people who have things against Facebook and would love to bring them down.”

These social media sites have experienced outages in the past, but never on this scale.

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4 October 2021

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