Make The Right Call And Swim Sober This Australia Day Weekend

Swim safe everyone!

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Royal Life Saving

Stay safe while taking a dip this summer - especially if you’re having a drink.

That’s the message from Royal Life Saving’s Make the Right Call campaign, which encourages all Australians – especially blokes – to stay safe around water this summer.

Unfortunately, Aussie men have a pretty shady history around the water. Men are four times more likely to drown than women. Inland waterways are particularly dangerous, with more drowning deaths happening there than anywhere else in the country.

So how do we stay safe, or “Make the Right Call” as the campaign says?

Avoid alcohol around water.

Alcohol reduces coordination, judgement and reaction times. Leave the booze until after your swim and when you’re safely away from water. If you do have a mate who’s about to do something dumb - pull him into line.

Wear a lifejacket.

When you’re enjoying boating and paddling, Make the Right Call, and buckle up. Remember, while lifejackets are great to have on the boat, if they are not on your back, they won’t save your life

Don’t go out alone.

Royal Life Saving research indicates that most males are underestimating the risk around inland waterways and overestimating their abilities. Thinking ‘it won’t happen to me’ is too often the call made – and poor decision making can lead to tragedy.

For more, check out Royal Life Saving’s Make The Right Call Campaign.

In association with Royal Life Saving Society

22 January 2021

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In association with Royal Life Saving Society

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