Man Dies Working On Perth Building Site

Work mates left in shock

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A man in his 20s has tragically died while working on a residential building site in Perth's southern suburbs on Monday morning.

Paramedics frantically tried to save the young man who had been struck on the head by a heavy door. 

Police were called to the site on Reinforcement Parade in North Coogee at about 10 am.

The horrific incident happened when the entry ramp, that doubles as a door on a demountable sales office fell, fatally striking the worker. A second worker was injured, receiving a medical check. 

Work was called off following the tragedy as workmates of the victim appeared visibly distressed, holding their heads in their hands on the site. 

Forensic officers are now trying to work out what went wrong and WorkSafe WA is also investigating. 

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Triple M Newsroom

22 November 2021

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