Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre Are Offering New Services

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Mansfield are becoming even more environmentally friendly with the Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre offering new services. 

The Recovery centre is now accepting soft plastics which includes anything that can be scrunched up into a ball or broken by hand, that means plastic bags, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, frozen food and chip packets. 


Although Mansfield are not fond of single use plastics, Mayor, Councillor Harry Westendorp says it's great to be able to offer more options. 

" Whilst Council would still encourage the avoidance of single use plastics’ commented Mayor, Cr. Harry Westendorp. ‘It’s exciting to be able to offer an environmentally friendly option to the community, which sees one of the more problematic waste streams diverted from landfill and sent off for recycling,"

- Harry Westendorp

Any plastic dropped at the Recovery Centre, is collected in bins and emptied by Cleanaway, who send off the materials to be repurposed as new plastic products such as new wheelie bins and outdoor furniture. 


Councils Waste Management Coordinator Rebecca Kirley wants locals to keep in mind that soft plastics need to be treated differently to normal recycling. 

"Residents need to be reminded that at the moment soft plastics are not considered a recyclable material within the current kerbside collection service’ said Councils Waste Management Coordinator Rebecca Kirley, ‘so we would encourage everyone to take advantage of the free drop off at the Resource Recovery Centre,"

- Rebecca Kirley

Georgie Marr

29 July 2019

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Georgie Marr

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