Mark McGowan gives Perth a Metronet completion date… FINALLY!

At last!

8 May 2017

Premier Mark McGowan joined us this morning and he brought with him some excellent (and long overdue) news: a date for the completion of Metronet! 

Yanchep & Cockburn to Thornlie Metronet will be finished by early 2020s, with Midland and Ellenbrook completed after that. 

Premier McGowan talked in more detail about Metronet, where the funding is coming from and how much money we're talking. Plus the many thousands of jobs that will be created as a result of Metronet and the timing for anyone in the areas affected. 

Kymba also asked if there are any surprises coming in the budget and how his first days in the job have been. Has he been enjoying it so far? 

Check that out, plus his full project update below:

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