Mark McGowan: "Just Trying To Do The Right Thing And Be Cautious In A World That's Quite Mad"

Answering questions from the public

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Western Australian Premier, Mark McGowan, makes his 92.9 Triple M's Rush Hour debut where Andrew Embley and Michelle Anderson hit him with several questions from the public.

"Well, I'm okay, it's always a big time when you're in this role. There's always lots going on but I'm fine, lots of controversy but just always trying to do the right thing and be cautious in a world that's quite mad."

When questioned what he is most looking forward to in the ease of WA's harsh borders, Mark reveals that if people were prepared to do 7 days quarantine, they could already have been reunited with family but is overjoyed for free travel on Thursday,

"I think this is forgotten, most of the states were open for a large part of the last two years because they didn't have any covid. It actually hasn't been two years of a hard border, it's actually been about 3 months to some states, 6 months to others."

Despite millions of deaths around the world, he confirms that in result of WA's restrictions and harsh borders, we have become a stronger economy.

"Western Australia we have had two people acquire the virus here and die... our employment, our economic activity, our internal spending, our state finances are the strongest in Australia and probably the strongest in the world."

With new Level 2 public health measures put in place, Mark clears up the confusion amongst some of the rules regarding community sport.

"Parents and guardians can go and watch their children, this will only last for a month. That limits the mixing of people in an environment where we don’t have QR codes, can't trace who has been there and what groups of people have been there."

He also confirms that right now IVF treatment will go ahead and why some other elective surgeries will be postponed. 

"If we follow the trend in the east where you have large number of admissions to hospital you have to unwind some elective surgeries to cope with those numbers."

With public fandom over McGowan including a tattoo and colourful language shouted from a ute, there has recently been a stitched audio piece where it voices Mark claiming himself as a God to which Mark humours.

"Well, that wasn't stitched together, that was an actual speech I made. I didn't realise I was being recorded."


Madi Reid

2 March 2022

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Madi Reid

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