Mark McGowan Refuses to Be Bullied on Borders

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The Premier is sticking to a cautious approach to reopening WA rejecting a renewed push from the Federal Government.

National Cabinet set a plan for freedoms to increase across Australia once we hit the 70-80 per cent vaccination rate.

Mark McGowan refuses to be bullied on borders

With the current Covid crisis unfolding in NSW and Victoria, Premier Mark McGowan has his reservations about opening the state up to Covid cases.

“But in doing that at 70% basically means we will have hundreds of people die, we will have to shut down large parts of our economy, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to see people in nursing homes, or in aged care villages, or in disability centres, or in hospitals die.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg insists we need to open up as one country, suggesting travellers in the Eastern States could head overseas before they're allowed into WA.

“Someone in Victoria could go to Singapore or Bali before they could go to Perth, that is ridiculous and we need to ensure we open as one country.”

This comes after WA recorded another Covid free day, with all 24 close and casual contacts linked to two Covid positive truck drivers, returning negative tests. They will remain in isolation and will be tested again in the coming days.

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30 August 2021

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