Mark Ricciuto Addresses Adelaide’s Infamous Pre-Season Camp

On the Friday Huddle

Rudi Edsall

22 June 2018

Rudi Edsall

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Triple M Footy commentator — and Adelaide director — Mark Ricciuto has addressed Adelaide’s infamous pre-season camp.

There have been reports that the camp alienated both senior and Indigenous players, but Ricciuto said that most of what happened on the camp was positive.


“99% of what went on at the camp was really good, was fine,” Roo said.

“There was a couple of things that weren’t right, and the club have owned up to that.

“There were a couple of misses there that they got wrong.

“That’s fine, that’s probably not dissimilar to the majority of camps… there was one or two players who weren’t entirely happy with what happened but they moved on fairly quickly.

“There’s been a real focus on one particular player, and that player was all good.

“No one went to the doctors, no one went to the Players Association, but the club is happy to say they got a couple of things wrong and they owned up to it.”

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