Mark Ricciuto Says That The Crows “Will Be Preparing To Play In Hubs Outside Of Adelaide”

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Adelaide chairman Mark Ricciuto has told the Hot Breakfast that he thinks the Crows will be preparing to play outside of South Australia in a bid to get the AFL season back underway.


“All footy club presidents and CEOs and footy managers have been changing what they’re doing daily,” Ricciuto said.

“It’s been just a moving beast at the moment and that’s gonna continue for Adelaide after that announcement last night.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if changes here again in the next few days.

“But as of this morning, I think the Adelaide Football Club will be preparing to play in hubs outside of Adelaide for pre-the games starting and maybe up to the first five weeks of the footy season so they can get some certainty in the program for the AFL, because the fixture’s a bloody hard thing to get sorted at the best of times.

Especially when you don’t know what’s going on with all the restrictions from the premiers and health departments of the individual states.”

South Australian chief public health officer Professor Nicola Spurrier and Commissioner of Police Grant Stevens sent a letter to the AFL last night saying that they would not provide quarantine exemptions to players.

“On public health advice, the committee has resolved that any economic and social benefits to be gained by allowing modification or exemptions to SA quarantine requirements for AFL players and staff were not outweighed by the public health risk,” the letter said.

“We acknowledge that for the AFL to recommence fixtures on its preferred timeframe this may require players and staff to travel to an alternate location for the medium term.”

Ricciuto also discussed being blindsided by the letter, where the Crows are most likely to base themselves, and whether the decision could be changed.


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Rudi Edsall

13 May 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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