Mark Taylor On The Only Piece Of Advice Richie Benaud Ever Gave Him

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During the fifth day of the Adelaide Test, Mark Howard led Mark Taylor through a long chat about Tubby’s early days in the feted Channel 9 commentary box, and in particular about Richie Benaud.

During the course of the chat, Tubs let us in on the only piece of advice the doyen of cricket broadcasting ever gave him.


"I was calling Warney’s 99 at Perth," Tubs said.

"And Warney, [facing] Daniel Vettori, knocks one out to the deep and Mark Richardson takes the catch.

"And I said something like… 'he goes for it, Richardson's out there, he takes the catch, and Warne’s out for 99, what a tragedy!'"

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Richie’s feedback on the call came the following day.

"The next day, he walks up to me the next day and says 'Mark can I have a word?"," Tubs said.

"He takes me into the green room, we’re out the back, and he just reaches into his jacket pocket and hands me a note and says 'do with this as you see fit'.

"In it, I open it up, and it’s like Mission Impossible, I’m waiting for the thing to burn in eight seconds!

"And it says on it… 'The Titanic was a tragedy. Thousands dying in Ethiopia every day is a tragedy. Shane Warne getting 99 is not a tragedy'."

Watch the wicket with Tubs’s call here:

Tubs then outlined how he accidentally squeezed the word out the very next match he commentated in with Richie — whoops!

Tubs also discussed how he got the Channel 9 gig via a meeting with Kerry Packer, his early days there, and how real the chemistry between Bill Lawry and Tony Greig was.


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Rudi Edsall

21 December 2021

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Rudi Edsall

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